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Welcome to the Townstone Financial website.

Breaking news:  If you are underwater (you owe more than your house is worth) give us a call or fill out a short loan application, you may qualify for HARP.  It is a government program that allows underwater borrowers to refinance.

We get a lot of questions regarding loan modifications.  Although Townstone Financial is not presently doing loan modifications we can review your situation and give you some suggestions as to the many option available.

We still have cash-out refinance and purchase programs to 85% of your homes appraised value and can go to 97% (FHA) on a no-cash out refinance, (96.5% on purchases) certain restrictions apply-call for details.

Whether you are purchasing a new home or refinancing your existing home, the Townstone Financial team of state licensed mortgage brokers will find a loan program which best fits your financial situation. David Hochberg and Barry Sturner created Townstone Financial in 2002 with the goal of offering the best service in the mortgage business. They accomplish this goal through attention to detail and living by the motto of the customer is always right. Townstone Financial is licensed in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and Florida. Please do not hesitate to contact a Townstone Financial mortgage expert if you have any of the following debt to determine if it would be economically beneficial for you to use the equity in your home to consolidate them into your mortgage:

Need a quality Realtor who can help you through the process?  Send us an email at barrys@townstone.com and we will be happy to have one of our Realtor partners give you a call. 
First Time Home Buyer?  Townstone Financials expertly trained Loan Officers can help guide you through the confusion and answer ALL of your questions in an easy to understand manner.
Debt problems? Remodeling your home? Want to payoff high interest rate credit card debt or are you planning on remodeling your home - be it a kitchen, bathroom or backyard - you can contact one of our mortgage professionals who will help find the right loan for you.


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